Mission statement: Art For Life- Delaware uses the power of the arts to save and transform lives by empowering individuals and communities to create, utilize and support life giving art.

Artistic youth development is directly linked to producing future leaders that are passionate, vocal and energized to be healthy contributors in their communities. AFL- DE develops leaders through the development of socially, culturally relevant art and action geared toward producing change.
Founders Statement:

Art for Life- DE is founded by the Twin Poets (Al & Nnamdi) Art For Life- DE motto is:  Providing the Right Opportunities at the Right Time. That’s what Art For Life stands for. 

The Twin Poets believe that art is an important part of the empowerment process. Art is key to creating creative solutions to address individual, and community social issues such as poor educational attainment, family/ community deterioration and crime.

So many of the children we serve they are at very crucial, potentially volatile moments in their lives. Moments that with the right guidance and support can go exceedingly well, or without them may prove devastating, even deadly.  All that our children need is the confidence, the guidance and support to help point them in the right direction. To help to empower them to get what they need to bring their dreams one step closer.  That can be a paint brush, a microphone, a turn table, a camera, a computer graphics program, a dance class, a sculptures tool, a piece of canvas, a journal or notebook or in contrast someone else can give them a gun, alcohol/ drugs or some pills to take. That difference is Art For Life.

The Twin Poets know from firsthand experience that art changes lives. The founders of Art For Life- DE are living examples of Art For Life. These Peabody Award winning HBO Def Poets have invested their lives and their art into their community. The positivity and community service through the arts that the Twin Poets have committed their lives to is in essence Art For Life- DE. They are presenting art, artistic youth development and community development as a path forward from the violence.

The Twin Poets have won numerous awards for their Community Service through the Arts. Their work and words were the subject of the recent documentary: Why I Write -Hearts & Minds films-  The brothers’ mission to never give up on the power of Art led them to create Art For Life - DE in response to their city being ravaged by senseless violence.

Art For Life- Delaware · P.O. Box 9350 Wilmington, DE 19809 · (302) 762.5146 ·